Year 6 Disco!

On Friday night, the 9th of November, we had our year 6 disco. The theme was Hawaiian. I wore a sarongish thing over a pair of my denim shorts and a purple singlet top and a lei. Erin and I also had lei anklets. I had a really big pink flower in my hair.

It was so loud inside the hall and we had to yell into each other’s ears if we were to hear each other. I think most people were deaf by the time it was over. It got really hot inside as well. There was about 70 plus of us year 6’s in there. When we wanted to talk to each other, we had to go into the toilets.

We got our photos taken in front of this back ground that was the ocean with one of those ancient Hawaiian dolls and a palm tree. It also had in big pink letters 2011.

This is a video of some photos from the disco:

Year 6 Disco 2011! Go Hawaii! on PhotoPeach

Fashion Parade!

You might recall that on Friday night I had my dancing concert. Well earlier that day, we also had our fashion parade for Inquiry which I have talked about before in a previous post.

The Fashion Parade was held in the Big Space and the whole school came to watch us walk down the catwalk, which was kind of embarrassing, especially for Jenna because she had to wear the dress that we had made. Erin found it quite embarrassing as well and she was so nervous when it was her turn to show off the ‘Brothers’ t-shirt that she and Caitlyn had made.

I have here a video of some of the people in the Fashion Parade:

Senior Fashion Parade 2011! on PhotoPeach

Dancing Concert!

On Friday the 2nd of December, Erin, Jenna, Siobhan, Alex, Amy, Georgia and I had our dancing concert. We all had to get our hair done and we had to put on a ton of makeup. We had to have our hair curled. I went and got my hair done with Jenna at Hairhouse Warehouse.

After having my hair done, I went back to my house where my mum put on my make

up and I had to sort out my costumes. Our Jazz costume is a pair of black pants and a tank top. The tank tops were in 4 different colours. There was blue, pink, purple and silver. Our tap costume was a black leotard with some purple bits on it.

At the concert, Liz (Jenna’s mum), put a whole lot of gold glitter spray in our hair which looked really good on stage. Our performances were no. 6, 11 and 17. We danced to the songs ‘Friday to Sunday’, ‘Moves like Jagger’ and ‘Reete Petite’, which sounded like a song Elvis would have sung.

After the concert was over, we all went out for dinner together at Pizzaland. Jenna, Erin, Siobhan, Alex, Me, Alana (Erin’s sister), Darcey (Erin’s sister), Macgregor (Erin’s brother), Matt (My brother), Conor (Siobhan’s brother) and Jake (Jenna’s brother) all sat at one table and our parents sat at another. We then had games of thumb wars and arm wrestling, and Macgregor told us some pretty weird stories that he had made up.

Merry Christmas!

Custom Glitter Text

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Right about now, you might notice some Christmas decorations going up and some festive events happening around your area.

As you already know, December is here and we are starting to prepare for our Christmas.

Our trees need to be decorated, our stockings need to be hung…and on Christmas Day, you get to open up all those presents from family and friends.

I hope your Christmas is truly magical.

Let the countdown begin!

What do you do on a rainy day?

It is raining really hard outside and you don’t want to go anywhere. You’re wondering what you could do. Here are some options that might keep you occupied until the rain goes away.

1. Call friends – See if they want to come over so you’re not bored.

2. Read a good book

3. Watch some TV

4. Rent a movie

5. Go online and chat to your friends

6. Have a movie marathon

7. Listen to music

This weekend has been so wet and rainy so it inspired me to write this post in case anyone else is as bored as I am. I’ve been trying to think of some good ways to entertain myself because it isn’t practical to go outside. There is not much to do when you can’t think of anything so use your imagination and you can really have a good day.


Fashion Design!

For Inquiry at school, our topic for the term is Design. You could choose from a few different design topics such as Fashion Design, Computer Animation, House Design, Toy Design and Cooking (which may not sound like something from design, but when you think about it, it kind of does have a process of designing through it).

Anyway, I am making a dress with Jenna and Eleanor. It’s a midnight blue colour and it also has tulle with polka dots on it over the top. We are also making jewellery and a fascinator. We used a pattern to get the shape of the dress right, but cutting it out was a lot harder than we thought. Pinning the pieces of material together wasn’t so hard but some bits hung over the edge a little.

Sewing the dress together was easy because we used a sewing machine together and my mum showed us how to use it.

Our fascinator has a black flower on it with some of our blue material around the edges and also a couple of boutique black feathers.

We haven’t quite finished the whole thing yet, but when we do, I’ll share with you some photos of the finished product and some pictures of us trying to make it!

The Wolves of Mercy Falls!

I have been reading a series called the ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls’, or Shiver, Linger and Forever, and now I have made a book trailer about them.

The Wolves Of Mercy Falls Trilogy on PhotoPeach

Full reviews of the books are available on my Reviews Page. I hope you like it!!!